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Este CEO Sam Cinkir’s EMFACE Treatment in Birmingham
Este CEO Sam Cinkir’s EMFACE Treatment in Birmingham


Jul 27, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Founder and CEO of Este Medical Group, Sam Cinkir, was already a big fan of EMSCULPT body contouring treatments, as a result Sam brought EMFACE treatments into Este UK clinics for you to have the full face and body treatment experience. 

Here’s Sam showing how the NEW EMFACE procedure looks! 

CEO - Sam

Both EMFACE and EMSCULPT treatments use synchronised radiofrequency (RF energy) and HIFES™ energies to contract muscles and increase the density and quality of underlying muscle structure and skin tone, which results in a more sculpted and lifted appearance. 

An EMFACE facial treatment is like having a ‘lunchtime’ facelift, as there are no needles and no downtime, as this contouring facial treatment only lasts 20-30 minutes. 

Watch Sam Having Full On EMFACE & EMSCULPT Lifting & Contouring Treatment at Este Birmingham 

Both of these treatments are ideal for men and women who want to naturally add lift to their facial features and reduce face wrinkles. EMFACE helps to reactivate muscles, strengthening them to lift a droopy forehead and sagging cheeks for example. 

Watch the video, it really shows what to expect from EMFACE and EMSCULPT procedures. 

The Sculpting & Contouring Power of EMFACE! 

When EMFACE high intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) and radiofrequency (RF) energies are delivered simultaneously to the skin’s surface, they combine to smooth the skin and trigger an increase in collagen and elastin fibres, which help to lift sagging and loose skin. EMFACE benefits include better supported facial tissues (see skin laxity) and improved skin tone and a reduction in facial wrinkles. 

Here’s How To Reshape & Restore Definition To Your Face And Body 

As mentioned, Sam is no stranger to having Este body contouring treatments.

Even if you are exercising and taking care of your body like Sam, EMSCULPT and EMFACE will help you get that added body definition (e.g., six-pack abs) you crave. EMFACE is effective at lifting and contouring facial features, helping you to achieve a more ‘snatched’ appearance. 

Take a look at Sam after his EMFACE and EMSCULPT face and body contouring Birmingham treatment — he looks healthy and fit! 

Men Who Use EMSCULPT For Extra Torso Definition    

Find out why Nathan loves sculpting his abs with Este’s EMSCULPT:  

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Harry reveals why he had EMSCULPT on his abs before Vegas trip: 

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Send us a message through our website to book at Este face and body contouring treatment. EMSCULPT and EMFACE is for all genders. 

Go To Este Medical For Your Face & Body Contouring Needs 

For non-surgical body contouring and lifting treatments Este Medical has the most trusted and safest treatments. Check out our Este guide: Everything You Need to Know About Emsulpt

Face and body sculpting really does work! If you want to look more snatched, have more lifted cheekbones, a tighter jawline, or a toner tummy, thighs and buttocks, then find an Este Medical UK cosmetic clinic near you to get started on reshaping not just your body, but your whole outlook on life!

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July 27, 2023

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