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Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?
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Feb 1, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Are you worried about the way your teeth look?

Do you try and avoid smiling at all costs?

Do you have a habit of covering your mouth when you talk because you can't stand the sight of your teeth and worry what others may think?

If this sounds like you, then fear not, you’re not alone. According to The Independent newspaper, around half of the adult population in the UK are unhappy with the way their teeth look.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the term used to address dental work that covers the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

It’s all about making your teeth, smile, and gums look the best they can. Here are the most common reasons why people choose to invest in cosmetic dentistry -  

  • The colour of your teeth
  • The position and alignment of your teeth
  • The shape and size of your teeth
  • A combination of the above to create the ‘perfect smile’

What can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Cosmetic dentistry can fix a range of issues.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a tooth that sticks out more than the others, or maybe you’ve found that as you’ve got older your teeth have lost their sparkle and have begun to look stained and dull.

There are numerous reasons as to why you might want to get a little cosmetic dentistry. Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options include -  

  • Teeth whitening
  • Teeth veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
Veneers before and after
Veneers in Turkey by Este Medical Group

How does Cosmetic Dentistry work?

At Este Medical, our dental surgeons are skilled at transforming problem teeth into a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Our work includes everything from dental implants using small titanium screws to zirconium crowns that cover damaged teeth and give an impressive natural and long-lasting finish.

For those who want to give their smile a makeover, we also offer a choice of two custom-fit veneers (E-Max laminate or zirconium) that work wonders with teeth that are either discoloured, chipped, damaged or misshapen.

If you’re fed up with the way your teeth look and you spend time hiding your smile, we’re confident cosmetic dentistry will help you feel so much better.

Our teeth are a huge part of who we are and if yours aren’t doing you any favours, investing in cosmetic dentistry could dramatically change your life for the better.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe?

Having cosmetic dentistry is a life-changing experience for many. It can feel exhilarating to go from hating the way you look to loving your new appearance. With that in mind, you want to be absolutely certain your cosmetic dental surgeon is the best person to carry out your treatment.  

Like other aesthetic treatments, cosmetic dentistry is entirely safe when carried out by people who are qualified, experienced, and highly skilled. To ensure you will be treated by a reputable professional make sure to do your research before deciding on the clinic where you’ll have your cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Dental implants before and after
Dental Implants in Turkey by Este Medical Group

At Este Medical we only work with the best cosmetic dentists in Turkey so our customers can feel safe in their skilled and capable hands.

How much is Cosmetic Dentistry?

How much you’ll pay for your cosmetic dental treatment largely depends on the amount of work you’re having done.

A simple treatment such as teeth whitening is usually the cheapest option you can choose. Prices then rise accordingly when you look at options such as veneers, crowns, and tooth implants.

Due to the complicated nature of the procedure, dental implants are usually the most expensive cosmetic dental treatment you can have.

At Este Medical, we use cosmetic dental surgeons in our state-of-the-art sister clinic in Turkey. Turkey is well known for being able to offer some of the most competitive prices in the world when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

When you choose Este Medical for your new smile, you can rest assured that our cosmetic dentists are experts in their field and have improved the smiles of many happy clients.

To find out how we can improve not just your teeth and smile but your self-confidence too, please get in touch with the Este Medical team today and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

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