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Discover Potential Complications & Risks Of Hair Transplant Surgery With Confidence!
Discover Potential Complications & Risks Of Hair Transplant Surgery With Confidence!


Feb 22, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Approach your decision to have hair transplant surgery with confidence.

Find out how to best prepare for hair grafting surgery, including ways to enhance successful hair transplant outcomes. Understand more about common hair transplant concerns.

Este Medical Group is the leading provider of hair transplant procedures and hair graft aftercare. Our hair transplant results are outstanding — Este success rates are remarkable.

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Guide To Common Effects of Hair Transplantation & Post-Surgery Outcomes

This guide will cover some risks and complications associated with hair transplant surgery. As well as additional links for further research on the topic of hair transplants.

Minimise Complications By Being A Good Hair Transplant Candidate

If you are considering or planning a hair transplant procedure, the first step is to determine if you are a suitable candidate for hair grafting. 

Can anyone have a hair transplant?

The best way to answer that question is to undergo a scalp and hair follicle analysis at a reputable hair loss clinic like Este Medical. 

Most men and women can get a hair transplant, but certain criteria should be considered before undergoing a hair restoration procedure.

For both male and female hair transplants, two essential requirements require professional evaluation: 

  • Sufficient amount of healthy hair follicles on the scalp to transplant to the thinning or bald area. 
  • The capability to grow hair in the targeted treatment area (such as the hairline, temples, or crown). 

Ideally, harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the head and relocating them manually to the treatment area is the preferred method for a hair transplant. However, in some cases, hair follicles can also be extracted from other areas of the body.

Book an Este scalp and hair consultation to get started on your journey to restore your hair growth! 

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Demystifying And Simplifying Hair Transplant Surgery Risks

When discussing hair transplant surgery, it's common for conversations at home or with friends to exaggerate and misrepresent the risks associated with hair grafting surgery.

When undergoing a hair transplant, it's normal to encounter expected physical reactions post-procedure. These responses are usually the body's natural reaction to surgery and the healing process, rather than posing serious risks.

Expected and common side effects that can occur from hair transplant:

  • Achy feeling on head
  • Temporary scabbing 
  • Itchy scalp
  • Scalp redness
  • Sore head
  • Swollen scalp 
  • Scalp feels tight

The physical reactions to a FUE or DHI hair transplant are typically common side effects of surgery, not serious complications. While some reactions may be concerning to you, they are considered normal outcomes after the procedure.

It's crucial to follow the hair transplant aftercare instructions from your hair surgeon for proper healing and to reduce any discomfort. If you experience any extreme pain, excessive bleeding, signs of infection, or any atypical symptoms, it's essential to contact your doctor or service provider straight away.

As you go deeper into your hair transplant surgery research, it's noteworthy that Este Medical Group holds an amazing 5-star Trustpilot rating. Our Este client reviews support our reputation as one of the safest and best hair transplant providers globally.

Before Hair Transplant Surgery: The Best Hair Grafting Preparation To Reduce Risk 

We highly recommend boosting your scalp and hair follicle health with the following proven and effective treatments hair surgeons recommend in advance of a surgical hair transplant to maximise the best results and reduce complications. 

  • Platelet-rich plasma hair therapy
  • Platelet-rich fibrin hair therapy
  • Stem cell hair injections
  • Derma roller hair loss treatment
  • Laser hair loss treatment
  • Anti-hair loss shampoo from Este

Common Concern About Pain During & After A Hair Transplant

At Este Medical, we prioritise your peace of mind by addressing any concerns you may have about managing pain during and after hair transplant surgery. Most clients report minimal post-surgery discomfort. Prior to your hair graft procedure, we ensure a painless experience by numbing the scalp using injections or topical lotions, emphasising your comfort throughout the treatment.

Your Este hair transplant surgeon will guide you through effective pain management strategies as part of your post-transplant aftercare.

Take a look at our expert hair regrowth tips on: Hair Transplant Aftercare Do's and Don'ts For A Successful Hair Transplant

Book a free hair transplant consultation with Este Medical to talk about your concerns about normal side effects, what to expect from the ‘ugly duckling’ phase, how many hair grafts you will require, and how to maximise your hair grafting outcome with customised before and after non-surgical hair transplant aftercare

The Ultimate Hair Transplant Risk

The biggest risk you could face with considering a hair transplant is not having one. 

The longer you wait, the more your hair loss concerns deepen. A hair transplant isn't just about regrowing hair; it's about restoring your confidence and self-esteem, helping you live your best life with the hair you want! 

Our exceptional transplantation success rate is not by chance — it's the result of meticulous preparation and customised post-surgical aftercare. At Este Medical, we elevate the process by treating the scalp and hair follicles with cutting-edge PRP and PRF hair injections and revolutionary laser light hair growth treatments

Send us a message today, and start preparing for your life changing hair transplant with Este Medical Group! 

You won't be taking any risks with Este Medical; you will be embarking on a journey of hair transformation guided by expertise, innovation, and a commitment to your utmost care and satisfaction.

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February 22, 2024

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