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Common Skin Concerns For Pregnant Women: Pregnancy Skincare & Safe Treatments
Pregnancy Skincare Concern & Safe Treatments


May 23, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Pregnancy is known for giving you that radiant skin glow, but did you know it can also bring on hormonal acne, dark patches, skin tags, and other unwanted skin issues? 

Top 5 Common Skin Concerns During Pregnancy

  1. Melasma: Also known as pregnancy mask it is characterised by dark patches on the face, particularly the upper lip, cheeks, and forehead (see melasma pregnancy). 
  2. Acne: Hormonal changes can lead to increased oil production, resulting in acne breakouts and spotty skin.
  3. Stretch Marks: As the tummy expands to accommodate your growing baby, stretch marks may develop over the skin.
  4. Itchy Skin: Pregnancy hormones may cause dry skin which can feel itchy, leading to discomfort.
  5. Skin Tags: Small growths that often appear in areas of friction, such as the neck, underarms, or underwear area, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy (see pregnancy skin tag). 

This might be concerning for many pregnant women, but rest assured there are safe and effective ways to treat these common pregnancy skin conditions.

If you're experiencing any of these skin issues during pregnancy, it's important to consult with your family doctor before proceeding with any cosmetic or medical procedures.

While Este Medical treatments prioritise skin safety and use FDA-approved medical devices and clinically tested treatment formulas, it's essential to have a medical or Este consultation. This will allow you to discuss your skin care concerns openly and disclose any pregnancy-related issues for personalised care and expert guidance.

How To Safely Get Rid Of Pregnancy Mask

The mask of pregnancy, caused by a type of hyperpigmentation called melasma, affects about 15% to 50% of pregnant and postnatal women.

While our Este cosmelan pigmentation peel is highly effective for treating melasma, it's important to note that it's not recommended during pregnancy. However, we do recommend this treatment as soon as you finish breastfeeding, as it's proven to correct melasma and hormonal pigmentation.  

New mum Danielle shares what made her choose Este Medical Group for postnatal skin brightening treatments

At Este Medical, we offer other skin brightening peels that may be more suitable during pregnancy. We invite you to book a free consultation to explore options like glycolic or lactic acid peels.

To help prevent pregnancy melasma we recommend daily use of Este Plus Supreme SPF 50+ and EP Natural Lip SPF 30+ skincare protection.  

How To Clear Up Pregnancy Acne Safely 

The best advice to clear up pregnancy pimples safely is to maintain a gentle skincare routine, opt for non-comedogenic skincare products, and consult with a dermatologist or Este skincare expert for safe skincare treatment options.

Este Medical offers effective treatments for all types of acne, including LED Phototherapy and ClearSkin laser treatment for acne and acne scars. LED light therapy is generally considered safe during pregnancy, but it's advisable to consult with your GP for personalised advice. Regarding laser treatments, there is some debate about their safety during pregnancy, so it's essential to consult with your obstetrician. If you have concerns, consider postponing these treatments for postnatal skincare. 

Pregnancy Stretch Mark Treatment Advice 

To keep pregnancy stretch marks under control, slather on rich moisturising creams or oils with vitamin E and topical hyaluronic acid to keep your skin smooth and stretchy. Also, snack on foods packed with vitamins A, C, and E to help your skin stay healthy and resilient. 

It's very common for most pregnant women to get stretch marks, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. Once you have completed your pregnancy, we recommend you book a free consultation to talk with an Este skincare expert about targeted microneedling and high-intensity focused ultrasound to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Este offers effective stretch mark treatments including HIFU skin tightening, Morpheus8, and Scarlet Radio Frequency treatments. We advise if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, check with your doctor before treating stretch marks. 

Control Itching During Pregnancy 

Pregnancy itch is often caused by hormonal changes, skin stretching, and conditions like cholestasis that increase bile acids in the blood. To soothe pregnancy skin itch, try taking cool oatmeal baths to calm skin irritation. Keep your body moisturised with gentle, fragrance-free lotions and creams to reduce dryness. Additionally, wear loose, breathable clothing to minimise discomfort and avoid further irritation.

If dry skin is giving you the blues during pregnancy, book a free Este Medical skincare consultation to find out which of our skin treatments can help to alleviate your dry pregnancy skin condition. Ask about our Dermalux LED treatment which helps improve skin circulation and reduces skin inflammation.   

What can you do about a dry face? See Este’s expert skincare tips for boosting skin moisture at home, plus medical clinic facial treatments for dryness.

Skin Tags During Pregnancy 

If you get skin tags during pregnancy, keep your skin clean and moisturised, avoid tight clothes that might irritate them, and check with your family doctor about safe removal options if they bother you. Most experts agree that it's best to wait until after birth to safely remove skin tags with a non-invasive Lamprobe treatment

Must read DO'S AND DON'TS FOR SAFE SKIN TAG REMOVAL during pregnancy. 

Este UK Lamprobe treatments use a gentle probe with high-frequency radio waves to dry up and remove skin tags quickly, usually in just 3 to 5 seconds, without surgery or anaesthesia. Let Este Medical assist you in safely and effectively removing unwanted postnatal skin tags.

How To Extend Your Pregnancy Glow! 

One of the best and safest ways to extend your pregnancy glow-up is with gentle HydraFacial treatments. There is some debate if pregnant women should skip HydraFacial treatments while pregnant, but compared to chemical peels and other invasive procedures they are much more suitable. We strongly recommend you consult with your GP and ask about any concerns with having a facial treatment while pregnant. 

Another way to keep your pregnancy glow is with at home use of Este Plus high-performance skincare for your face and neck. Este Plus products cover all your pregnancy skincare needs, from cleansing and exfoliating to moisturising and skin brightening. Each product is designed to restore, revitalise, and protect your glowing skin. Our EP line includes cleansers, an acne treatment, SPF products, eye cream, deluxe moisturisers, advanced serums, and a brightening repair cream for pregnancy mask. 

Looking to book a postnatal HydraFacial and order a selection of Este Plus skincare products for at-home use, then send us a message through our website.  

If you are experiencing pregnancy skin concerns or postnatal conditions like pregnancy hair loss, then arrange to have a free consultation at an Este Medical clinic near you.

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May 23, 2024

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