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Combat Excessive Sweating This Summer
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May 3, 2022

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Este Medical Group

For many, summer is a time to look forward to. It offers the chance to spend time outside with friends and family, soak up the sun’s rays (whilst using SPF of course), and enjoy temperatures that stay toasty well into the evening. However, not everyone looks forward to warmer days.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you sweat excessively. It isn’t always linked to exercising, or warm weather – although you may experience excessive sweating in summer. Excessive sweating can include -

  • Sweating so much that it seeps through your clothing
  • Sweating from your hands
  • Excessive underarm sweating

What Causes Excessive Sweating?

If you’re looking to stop excessive sweating, perhaps the first place to start is with the cause of this often-embarrassing problem. According to the NHS, there are two forms of hyperhidrosis. They are - -

  1. Primary hyperhidrosis – when there is a problem with the area of the nervous system that’s responsible for controlling the body’s sweating
  1. Secondary hyperhidrosis – the type of hyperhidrosis where there is no known cause or reason behind the excessive sweating

If you suffer from primary hyperhidrosis you may find that anxiety and stress make your excessive sweating worse. In certain cases, it’s entirely possible for a person to just imagine a stressful or anxious situation to induce their excessive sweating.

Understandably, this condition can be extremely difficult to cope with, and those who suffer from it often feel like they don’t want to do certain activities, or go to specific events, because of their hyperhidrosis. This condition doesn’t just affect your skin, it can affect your -

  • Confidence
  • Mental health
  • Everyday life

However, it is possible to stop excessive underarm sweating and hyperhidrosis on other areas of the body, thanks to advances in excessive sweating treatment options. There are also a few simple things you can try first. These include -

  • Wearing clothing made from loose-fitting natural fibres when you exercise, and steering clear of synthetic material such as polyester and acrylic
  • Try avoiding certain foods and drinks that may be responsible for triggering excessive bouts of sweating. You could try limiting spicy foods and keeping your alcohol intake to a minimum to see if that makes a difference
  • Wear appropriate footwear – open-toed sandals can help as too could a foot powder from the pharmacy

What is the Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

There are a range of treatments available for hyperhidrosis. Depending on the severity of the problem you may find that off-the-shelf products work for you, or that you need something a little stronger to help tackle this concern.

Talk to your GP if you are worried about hyperhidrosis. They may be able to prescribe antidepressants, prescription creams or antiperspirant, or a nerve-blocking medication. Alternatively, one of the best long-lasting treatments for this condition is Botox for excessive sweating.  

Botox for Hyperhidrosis

Botox treatment for excessive sweating has been shown to provide clients with up to six months of respite from their hyperhidrosis symptoms. Botox is injected into the area of concern and it works by blocking the nerve signals that are responsible for making the body produce sweat. It’s like an interceptor which denies the body’s sweat response mechanism. This is ideal if you find your excessive sweating is out of control and can be triggered by even the slightest thing.

It is also possible to use Botox for excessive sweating on the face. It is by no means a cure, as your symptoms will reappear once the Botox has worn off in around six months' time, but it can provide a break from the condition. Side effects may include initial bruising at the sites of injection along with a temporary weakening of the facial muscles, a headache, and dryness of the eyes.

If you are considering Botox treatment for excessive sweating, it’s wise to do your research properly before you book in for this procedure. At Este, we have treated many clients suffering from hyperhydrosis and we’ve seen fantastic results. At Este, we are well known for using only the most skilled medical practitioners to carry out our clients’ procedures. If you are interested in finding out more about the treatments we offer in this area, you can find out more information by contacting your nearest clinic.

Next Steps

If you’re fed up of dealing with excessive sweating and you’re finding it’s seriously affecting your quality of life, it’s time to do something about it. Treatment is available and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel once you decide to tackle this problem. To find out more about how Este can help improve your hyperhidrosis, get in touch with the team today.

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