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Close-Up Look! Live Hair Transplant in Turkey
hair transplant in Turkey


Sep 27, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Let Sam Cinkir, Este Medical Group founder and CEO, introduce you to three men who travelled from England to have Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Watch this video for live hair transplant testimonials taking place during actual surgery! Yes, it is possible, because a FUE hair transplant surgery only requires local anaesthetic. Sam talks to each client about how they are feeling during the surgery — and the consensus is: they all feel great! They express unconditionally that they feel relaxed, and that the transplant procedure is pain-free. You can see it in their faces! The first man Sam interviews is so relaxed he’s had a nap. 

Sam shares these testimonial videos because he knows people like you are curious as to what actually happens during FUE hair transplant surgery. Through our Este Instagram account you can see for yourself how many of our hair and skincare treatments work.  

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey for Men 

This video shows close-up how hair follicles are carefully moved one by one in a FUE hair transplant surgery. As seen, a FUE treatment can be used to fix a receding hairline, fill in a growing bald spot on the top of the head, and restore a full head of hair. 

Istanbul, Turkey is recognized worldwide as being the ultimate go-to destination for the highest quality hair transplants. Este’s Istanbul clinic recently went up against 3,000 other transplant clinics in the Best of Year Awards and won first place! Este Turkey’s FUE hair transplantation technique is popular with men because it delivers permanent results and is highly successful.       

Sam Cinkir Had Transplant Surgery Too!  

Looking at Sam in this video you might be surprised to learn that he has also had hair transplant surgery, and he often shares this fact with his Instagram fans and Este clients — as he should, Sam’s hair looks fantastic; it’s thick, healthy and natural looking. Seeing Sam’s successful hair transplant inspires other men to consider the possibility for themselves. FUE is a game changer for men experiencing thinning hair, a receding hairline, or baldness. Once you have the surgery, you will see noticeable results immediately. In just five months clients experience visible hair growth (i.e., on average 50% hair growth). And within a year most transplant recipients will experience up to 100% hair growth. 

You Can Be That Man! 

Increasing numbers of men are travelling to Turkey for Este Medical Group FUE hair transplants to regrow their hair and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

Our Este Medical Group clinic in Istanbul, Turkey has a solid reputation for providing superior service and a proven track record of successful hair transplants and hair regrowth with our clients. The sooner you take action, the more likely you are to prevent further hair loss. If you have questions about hair loss solutions, we invite you to book a consultation with one of our Este haircare experts.

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