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Caring for Your Skin Post-Laser Treatment: Dos and Don'ts
Caring for Your Skin Post-Laser Treatment: Dos and Don'ts


Sep 19, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Our Este Medical dos and don’ts for laser treatment aftercare are for anyone seeking professional post-laser skincare advice — maybe you’ve recently had laser treatments, or you are considering laser treatments for hair removal or tattoo removal — the following advice and tips will be helpful.   

Post-laser treatment aftercare should cover minimising laser treatment side effects, how to maintain the best long-term results post-treatment, and practical advice to ensure optimal recovery from the laser procedure. 

Post-Laser Treatment Dos and Don'ts

Here are practical things you can do to help promote skin healing after a laser treatment, as well as minimise any discomfort from the procedure.

A reputable medical clinic should be providing you with skincare aftercare advice to make sure you achieve the best possible results for your skin health. 

Let’s start with the positive things that will help after a laser treatment to the skin. Here are things you should do after having laser treatment:

Let your skin breathe

For about 5 to 7 days after the laser treatment your skin will be in full recovery mode.

We recommend that you don’t overly stress healing skin with perfumed skin creams and oils, or apply heavy face or skin makeup for about one week.

The aim is to not clog your skin pores, which might cause irritation. Give laser-treated skin these first few days to breathe and heal. 

Wear a SPF on the treatment area

Did you know that freshly laser-treated skin is more sensitive to the skin damaging effects of UV rays?

We recommend you use a sunscreen with a SPF of 50+ and avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 to 4 weeks after a laser treatment. 

At Este Medical we offer free skincare consultations, book an Este UK laser treatment consultation to discuss your concerns and expectations. 

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What Not To Do After Laser Treatment 

Avoid strong irritants on laser treated skin

Whether you’ve had a tattoo laser removal or laser hair removal, it is recommended you avoid strong soaps on the treatment area, that includes medicated skin washes, skin scrubs or harsh exfoliants, as well as hydrogen peroxide.

Follow the aftercare advice given by your medical or cosmetic clinic provider.

Avoid hot and high-pressure water, as well as therapeutic water treatments

Depending on your skin sensitivity and how quickly you heal, we recommend that you bathe gently after laser treatments, especially after tattoo removal.

For instance, having a hammam spa day, a hot tub party, or saunas within the first week of recovery is not ideal for skin recovery. Avoid face and body treatments that have excessive heat, skin scrubbing, or that apply high pressure to the skin area treated by laser. 

If you notice anything abnormal about the post-laser treatment area you should report it immediately to your treatment provider. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Laser Treatments For Hair Removal & Tattoo Removal 

Can you shave after laser hair removal?

We recommend you wait about 1 to 2 weeks before shaving after hair removal to avoid any skin irritation or skin damage. For instance, the lower leg area might be less sensitive than the bikini area, so shave according to your skin sensitivity.  

Can you shower after laser hair removal?

Not right away, we recommend you wait about 5 hours or more, and when you shower use cooler water and a gentle pressure setting. Don’t blast your skin with high pressure hot water. Try to avoid steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs for a few days. 

Can you exercise after laser hair removal?

We recommend you wait about 48 hours before having an intense workout. To maximise skin healing it is best to keep your skin cool and dry. Some types of exercise might be too hot, and workout clothing might chafe the laser treated skin causing irritation and redness. Take a rest day or two! 

Can you go in the sun after laser hair removal?

You can, but you had better cover the laser treated areas of skin with protective clothing or a SPF 50+ sunscreen for at least 2 weeks or longer. We encourage you to stay out of the sun post-laser treatment and between laser treatments for the duration of your treatment timeline. In general, protect your skin from sun damage at all times. 

Is itching after laser hair removal normal?

Little skin bumps that itch, or small patches of skin that itch post-laser treatment are considered a normal skin response to a laser treatment. Most skin itching fades after a day or two. 

Are blisters after laser tattoo removal common?

After having laser tattoo removal it is considered normal for a little skin blistering and scabbing to occur in the laser treated area of skin. Actually, skin scabbing and blistering are signs that your skin is healing and going through a repair process.

However, you should monitor any blisters and handle them with care to avoid any implications like infection.

What Is Normal? Post-Laser Treatment Symptoms To Watch

It is totally normal that after a laser treatment to the skin for there to be some skin redness and mild swelling for a couple of days. Skin itching, skin redness, mild pain, and swelling are all considered normal side effects from post-laser skin treatments. 

In most cases of laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal, post-laser treated skin should return to normal about 2 to 4 weeks after a treatment session, depending on the area of skin and the size of the treatment area, and individual skin sensitivities. 

If pain and swelling is severe, or there is an intense burning sensation you should contact your laser treatment provider immediately. Laser treatments for tattoos and hair removal should not cause excessive or prolonged pain or burning of the skin. 

Why Choose Este Medical For Laser Treatments? 

Whether you have a small laser tattoo removal procedure, or a full body laser hair removal treatment, following post-laser advice will help you to maximise the effectiveness of your procedure by allowing the skin to heal smoothly after laser procedures.

Este Medical is the leading cosmetic clinic for hair, body and skincare treatments. We are proud to maintain a 5-star client rating on Trustpilot, and we invite you to read about our client aftercare and rave reviews from clients who have had Este Medical Group laser treatments

Find an Este Medical UK clinic near you and make arrangements to start your Este laser removal treatment sessions!

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September 19, 2023

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