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Britain's Real-Life Rapunzel, Jasmine Larsen, Feels Like A Queen At Este Medical!
Britain's Real-Life Rapunzel, Jasmine Larsen, Feels Like A Queen At Este Medical!


Apr 25, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Este Bristol rolled out the red carpet for @jasmine_lars, treating her like the Queen she truly is. And who is this modern-day royalty, you might ask? None other than Britain's Real-Life Rapunzel!

With the incredible length of Jasmine’s natural hair, it can sometimes exert pressure on her scalp, potentially straining hair follicles. To keep her crown of glorious locks in optimal condition, Jasmine turns to Este Medical holistic scalp and natural hair growth treatments. These nourish her scalp and fortify hair follicles, ensuring her extra long hair remains healthy and vibrant.

Experience what an Este Medical regal treatment consists of alongside Jasmine at our Bristol clinic.

As the embodiment of 'Britain's Rapunzel,' Jasmine maintains her trademark long hair with a personalised hair care regimen aimed at enhancing hair thickness, hair strength, and growth.

Best Hair Growth Treatments in the UK! 

Jasmine's hair growth treatment targets thinning hair along the hairline and hair follicle strain at the temples, while also serving as a preventive hair loss measure.

Her Este Medical hair care treatment is one of the most natural and comprehensive hair growth treatments available in the UK. In Jasmine’s case, she will undergo this treatment once a week over six weeks to achieve the best long-term results.

In the video, Jasmine details all of her Este Medical Group hair growth treatments she uses in combination. Here is that list! 

Discover how each of these treatments complements one another when combined as part of an Este Medical Group holistic hair care regimen during your 1st Este consultation for hair growth!  

Feel Like Royalty at Este Medical! Our Customised Hair Treatments Will Enhance Your Hair Length and Strength!

No matter your hair length or level of hair loss, maintaining scalp health and healthy hair follicles is essential for promoting new hair growth and achieving thick, strong hair. At Este Medical, we specialise in tailoring hair treatments to meet your unique beauty and grooming goals. Contact us through our website to schedule a free UK hair growth consultation.

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April 25, 2024

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