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Authentic Medical Camouflage For Stretch Marks and Scars
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Jan 24, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Medical camouflage can help to hide or mask stretch marks as well as scars resulting from surgery, an accident or self-harm.

At Este Medical Group we endorse being happy in your skin; however, we understand that noticeable marks or scars on the skin can be a source of discomfort or embarrassment for many people.

What is medical camouflage? 

Similar to tattooing, medical camouflage permanently pigments areas of discoloration (i.e., resulting from stretch marks or scarring) with a customised blend of flesh tone pigments to match the overall skin colour to mask these areas of concern. Medical camouflage is a form of micropigmentation that helps to disguise marks and scars on the body (e.g., buttocks, thighs, forearms, shoulders…); it is a type of permanent cosmetic treatment.   

The results look natural and skin tone is restored to an even, balanced colour. See for yourself, view our client photo gallery of before-and-after stretch mark tattoo camouflage results!

How does medical camouflage work?

During a treatment session, flesh tone pigments are mixed to match the surrounding skin tone of the treatment area. The pigments are deposited into the skin using a needling device, similar to the experience of getting a tattoo. Once the camouflage treatment is complete, scars and stretch marks will be less noticeable. This treatment does not physically remove marks or scars, but effectively camouflages them to blend in with the skin tone of the overall treatment area.    

Is medical camouflage for me? 

The best way to assess if medical camouflage is for you is to have an Este skincare consultation. If your stretch marks or scars are reddish in colour this can indicate the area is not yet fully healed. Areas ideal for treatment are in general lighter than the overall skin tone in the area of concern, and the mark or scar should not be raised. Suitable areas for treatment should be healed (approximately two years from the initial skin trama). 

Microneedling skincare treatment 

If the stretch mark area or scar is still red, you may benefit from MCA microneedling, a type of collagen induction therapy that can help to gradually lighten the area of concern. Depending on the look and age of your stretch marks or scarring, microneedling prior to medical camouflage may be the most effective course of action for optimal results. Two to three MCA microneedling sessions may be required to repair and restore health to the skin before a medical camouflage treatment.     

Find out the best course of action to take from an Este Medical Group skincare professional. Book a medical camouflage consultation to discover what treatment timeline will give you the best results.

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January 24, 2023

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