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A Guide to Laser Hair Removal for Men
Laser Hair Removal for Men


Nov 10, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Laser hair removal for men is big business. You only need to cast a glance at an episode of Love Island to see guys with glowing, hair-free bodies.

And while achieving the buff look may require a little more dedication in the gym; men’s laser hair removal allows you to get a gorgeous fuzz-free body with very little effort on your part.

There’s no extreme clean-eating regime, no multiple visits to the gym, and no supplements to take.  

Where on the Body: Hair Removal Laser for Men

Are you wondering, ‘does laser hair removal work on men’s back?’ Are you uncertain if the hair you want removed can be removed?

There was once a time when laser hair removal for men wasn’t recommended to be used on certain parts of the body, but you’ll be pleased to hear that these days it’s possible to get hair laser removal for men pretty much anywhere from the head to the toes.

So, what are the most popular areas of the body to have lasered?

According to this article in Men’s Journal, laser hair removal for men’s back and chest are the most popular areas to have treated. But men also ask for hair removal on other areas of their body too. For instance, men choose to have -

  • Laser hair removal on men’s face
  • Laser hair removal for men’s genital area
  • Men’s buttocks laser hair removal

Why choose IPL Laser Hair Removal for Men?

So, what’s the reason behind all this hair removal for men? It can’t all be down to aesthetics, and the desire for a model body, can it? So, while some men do site aesthetic reasons as why they choose to have laser hair removal, others say it’s to do with -


Did you know that excessive body hair can actually affect your performance times when it comes to things like swimming and cycling? For cyclists who need to wear tight clothing, having any amount of irritation to the skin can affect performance.

A smooth, hair-free body helps keep things comfortable whether you’re riding for short or long distances. Swimmers, meanwhile, like to get rid of any excess body hair as it can help lead to a smoother transition through the water. When even milliseconds matter in a race, having a hair-free body can make all the difference.


Laser hair removal for men’s privates makes many men feel more hygienic. Of course, hair in itself isn’t unhygienic, but it can lead to skin irritation in intimate areas. That’s because too much hair can sometimes cause chafing, or a feeling of excess sweating. Choosing to have laser hair removal for men’s genital area is all down to personal preference.

Skin Health

There are some instances where skin health is greatly improved once body hair has been removed, and this is particularly true for laser hair removal for men’s facial hair. Men who shave regularly can experience itchiness, dry skin, ingrown hair, and a condition called folliculitis which causes inflamed red pimple-like bumps on the skin.

While it’s possible to carry out at-home treatments for laser hair removal, the best laser hair removal for men’s beard will be with an in-salon device. That’s because salon technology is much more powerful than at-home versions.

Laser Hair Removal Machinery

At Este, we use the Soprano Platinum and Soprano Titanium laser hair removal machines. They work in a way that heats up the dermis layer of the skin to a temperature that destroys the hair follicles. Once the hair follicle has been destroyed, no more hair can grow. However, for the process to work, the hair follicle must be in its active growth phase, and this is why multiple laser removal sessions are needed.

Hair grows in stages, so while one follicle may be in the active growth phase, another could be in a resting phase. For this reason, you will need multiple sessions, and in general around 6-8 sessions are needed over a number of months. Depending on the size of the site you are having treated, your session may last anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for men is fast gaining in popularity, and when you consider the benefits, it’s not surprising. Laser hair removal treatment at Este is -

  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Has zero downtime involved
  • Time effective

Just imagine how much time you could save by not having to shave every day! And when you come in for your initial assessment, we’ll be able to show you our laser hair removal for men face before and after pics, so you’ll be able to see what sort of results you can expect.  

If the Love Island look is what you’re going for, or you want to improve your performance in competitive swimming, or you just want to ditch the shaving routine, men’s laser hair removal makes a wise investment. Call Este today to book your initial assessment and get the soft, hair-free skin you crave.

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November 14, 2022

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