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60-Year-Old Graham’s Amazing Hair Transplant Results After Only 8 Months
60-Year-Old Graham’s Amazing Hair Transplant Results After Only 8 Months


Mar 28, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Graham, at age 60, proves that it’s never too late for a restorative hair transplant.

His physical transformation is living proof that age should never stop you from achieving your goals. 

Find Out What Motivated Graham To Get Hair Grafting

“I had a hair transplant in Turkey eight months ago with Este Medical Group. When I reached the age of sixty, my son mentioned my hair was getting thin up top, so I decided to do something about it. I did my research about UK hair clinics on the internet, and Este Medical seemed a very good company from what I saw, so I decided to book a hair loss appointment.
My consultation provided good information about hair transplantation: what it involves, how long it takes, how much it costs. The consultation felt very comfortable, and helped me understand what I was getting into,” reveals Este client Graham. 

Are you experiencing hair thinning, a high forehead, or a receding hairline? 

Graham Takes You On His Hair Loss Transformation — From the UK to Turkey! 

The first stage of Graham’s hair transplant preparation was in the UK. For the most optimal hair transplant outcome it was important to stabilise and strengthen Graham’s scalp health and hair follicles. For Graham that meant coming to Este Birmingham several times before travelling to Este in Turkey. 

In Graham’s case, he was instructed to change his hair washing routine, and start laser light hair therapy, PRP hair growth injections and derma rolling the scalp, along with boosting vitamins essential for good hair growth. This customised preparation for his Turkey hair transplant in Istanbul took about 3 months. 

For stage two in Turkey, Graham decided to go with his wife and turn it into a bit of a holiday. And he highly recommends it! Here’s what he says about the experience:  

“Este Medical Turkey was great! They picked us up from the airport, took us to the hotel. Este sorted out all our private taxi transfers, anything that was needed,” says Graham.

Once the hair transplant was done, Graham returned to the UK for his hair transplant aftercare at Este in Birmingham. 

“I think postoperative care after hair transplantation is one of the most important things, and why Este Medical stands out so well. I followed all my Este aftercare to the letter, the minoxidil, the in-clinic and at-home derma rolling, the laser hair regrowth treatments, and I started using a new more gentle anti-hair loss shampoo,” reveals Graham. 

Send us a message to schedule a free hair growth consultation about your hair loss concerns, whether that’s thinning hair, alopecia, or male pattern baldness. Este Medical has the experience and success rate you are looking for. 

Graham’s 8 Month Report of His Este Hair Transplant Outcome! 

“I am absolutely delighted with my hair transplant and aftercare, my hair is getting longer, I’ve started growing it out a bit, and I’ve had my hair cut twice already! My hair feels more luxurious and thicker. I’ve had loads of people I know tell me that my hair looks like it did when I was 45 years old, which is really nice to hear.
Having a hair transplant is actually incredibly easy, and with Este you are looked after at every stage. Everything with Este Medical is very professional and well set-up, and the hair experts at Este understand the emotional side of making the decision to have a hair transplant. I would definitely recommend Este,” says Graham.

Embrace Ageless Confidence: Este Empowers You to Regrow Hair with Expert Care at Any Stage of Life! 

After Graham’s Turkey hair transplant, he looks younger, and there’s a happy twinkle in his eyes! 

We are thrilled he is feeling more like his younger self now. We hope his journey will inspire you to reach out to Este Medical and make an appointment to talk about having a hair transplant procedure in Turkey. 

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March 28, 2024

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