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Abdominal Etching

What is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching, commonly known as liposuction for abs, can create a more defined 6 pack look. This treatment is especially popular with men who, even with sensible lifestyle choices, find it difficult to create a defined stomach.

We agree that there is no substitute for a healthy diet and exercise regime, but we also understand that in spite of having the best intentions, you can still fall short of your six-pack goals. Often the layer of fat that covers the abdomen is stubborn fat, meaning it may be difficult to target through diet and exercise alone.
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Why Choose Abdominal Etching?

Since abdominal etching is safe and extremely effective in most cases, it can be the perfect surgery for men seeking more defined abs. Those who are frequent gym goers will benefit from having the stubborn layer of fat removed. And for those to are a healthy weight but not as active, will benefit from gaining more visible abdominal muscle
abdominal etching treatment
abdominal etching procedure
Before Treatment
Before Treatment

How Does it Work?

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This is a minimally invasive procedure is a form of liposuction
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During the procedure we eliminate abdomen fat
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We will also tighten your abdomen skin
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The result is we are often able to unveil your stomach’s original contour

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Our Results

Our patients have often benefited from this level of body contouring, tightening and shaping. Their satisfaction with their physical appearance is often highly noticeable

I thanked to Mr Sameer at Birmingham clinic who manage all my trip and sugery in Istanbul. Very friendly staff very warm welcomed at the hospital which was very clean and Brilliant. Piece of art hospital ,pick/drop on time. And most impressive thing is After care at Birmingham clinic which is Bonus itself.
Over all very happy from service i had. Thanks all staff in Turkey and Birmingham Uk!!!!!

Aummber Malik

Review Stars

When I finally had a look at myself I could not believe the results I am over the moon. All I hated has gone and in its place is a 6 pack!!!!!! This was the best decision I have ever made!
Sam came and visited me at the hospital a couple of times to see how I was getting on. He is such a lovely chap a real credit to Esteworld.

Dave O

Review Stars

6 months ago I had an operation, called Abdominal Etching, thus creating a 6pk.
I am very pleased with the results, and would highly recommended visiting Esteworld for this operation.

Ray Johnson

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