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What is a Buttock Reduction?

A buttocks reduction surgery is method of removing excess fat from the buttock area to reduce its size. By contouring the buttocks in this way men and women may be able to sculpt their shape, reduce size and contour the entire buttock area.

There can be many reasons why buttocks seem disproportionately large including hereditary tendencies whereby women tend to store fat in their buttocks region. And in spite of your best efforts, diet and exercise along are not able to tackle this concern. Yet other times there may be a previous surgery conducted elsewhere which you would like Este Medical Group to revise.

In other cases we often see men and women whose body weight has fluctuated in recent times struggle to create a buttock shape in proportion to their frame. Anyone suffering from sagging or loss of skin elasticity in the buttocks area may benefit from this surgery, as would women experiencing weight loss post-pregnancy In these cases surgery may be a suitable option for you.

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Why Choose to Have Buttock Reduction with Este Medical?

After our surgeries people feel incredibly confident. The same area of their body they would criticize or avoid, they often enjoy the most! They wear clothes they’d previously avoid such as body-fitting jeans and dresses. They no longer ‘hide’ their buttocks with long length or baggy clothes.

Buttock Reduction
Buttock Reduction

How Does it Work?

We utilities liposuction techniques for great results and fast recovery. When we carry out surgery:

  • Your surgeon will inject this area with a solution containing anaesthetic and medication. This will reduce bruising and swelling post-surgery
  • Your surgeon will make a small incision and insert a suction tube attached to a vacuum machine. They may make several incisions which would have been discussed prior to surgery.
  • Then by moving the suction tube back and forth, they shall loosen the fat and suck it out
  • Finally, they will drain excess fluid and blood and stitch the treated area.
Buttock Reduction
Buttock Reduction

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