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What is Milia?

Milk spots (Milia) resemble whiteheads and are typically found around your eyes, cheeks and nose. However, these ‘small spots’ cannot be popped or treated with spot treatments like normal whiteheads and need specialist milia treatment in Leeds.

If you’re looking for Milia removal in Leeds, Este Medical Group can help. We have a treatment that is tailored to targeting and getting rid of milia in a safe way that will leave your skin clearer and smoother.

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What Causes Milia?

Excess keratin causes a build-up of milia beneath the skin. Keratin is a protective protein that is naturally found inside our skin, hair and nails and when there’s an excess amount it will create cysts that are yellowish or pearly white in colour. It is still not known as to why they occur in adults and why they do not naturally fade over time. This is where we at Este Medical come in, we offer milia removal in Leeds.

Although milia is not something you need to be concerned with, they can be an irritation, and some feel the need to have them treated by skincare professionals. Want to fade and target your Milia? If you're looking for Milia treatment in Leeds, contact our skincare team today.

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Treatment we offer for Milia

Want to remove milia – also known as milk spots – on your face, easily and safely?


Lamprobe is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that tackles minor skin abnormalities by using high frequency and radio frequency. The Lamprobe does not penetrate the skins surface but it targets the abnormities to their core.

By utilising radio and high frequency, it effectively targets and treats the built-up keratin and sebum inside milia, in seconds. Any trapped sebum, however hardened it may be, is able to be safely and precisely extracted and vaporised.

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

When we use the Visia Digital Skin Analysis to assess your skin, we are using a tool that allows us to see deep below the surface layer of your skin and detect a multiple of potential concerns. This advanced technology allows us to pick up on issues such as spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, scars, red areas, porphyrins and more.

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