COVID-19 Clinic Updates

As of 5th January 2020 England, and Scotland entered another lockdown, due to this all Este Medical Branches are closed to help reduce the spread of the virus.
Tier updates, following the government announcement our clinics in Birmingham, Nottingham and Sutton Coldfield fall under tier 4 and will now be closed until further advice and updates from the government.
Welcome back with the easing of lockdown and the new tier system we are glad to announce that we will be allowed to remain open throughout all tiers. We will ensure the safety of our staff and all clients by insuring COVID secure measures are in place such as:
  • Temperature checks
  • Track and trace system implemented
  • PPE is worn by staff and face masks are required for all clients attending appointments and consultations
  • Anti-bac stations placed throughout the clinic
  • Regular deep cleaning of the entire facility
The government has called for a second lockdown that will mean the closure of all our clinics across England. The government announced that by the 3rd December some if not all our clinics based across England will be allowed to re-open.

Stay safe and follow the new government guidelines and the team at Este Medical Group hope to see you all back in our clinics soon.

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