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Heard of the 15-Minute Nose Job?

15 minute nose job blog


Jul 12, 2020

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Este Medical

In-and-out in just 15 minutes!

Wondering, how is this possible? At Este Medical Group, we can change the shape of your nose in just 15 minutes by injecting dermal fillers into the areas that you want to lift or straighten.  

  • Procedure Time - 15 minutes
  • Back to Work Immediately
  • Full Recovery - 1 Week
  • Sensitivity Period - 24 Hours
  • Duration of Results - Up to 18 months
  • Risks & Complications - Swelling, Bruising

During your free consultation with our specialists, you can discuss the problems you want to change; whether that’s crooked noses, slim down the appearance of the nose or lift drooped tips. Este Medical Group ensure the outcome is one that you desire.

Call your local Este Medical Group clinic and book in a free consultation today. We can discuss what issues you are facing and together we can decide if this is suitable for you.

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